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Last month, we were busy preparing for the launch of our website and now that it’s here, we’re excited to finally share behind the scenes footage from our photo shoot! Read on to discover more about our collab with the models and photographers and what went on during the shoot day.

The shoot took place at our shop in Yate and it featured our new collection of vintage fashion ready for the website launch.

We show you how team together new brands with vintage clothing, giving a new lease of life to once forgotten vintage gems.

Shoot ready with Joy, Hannah and Jas

Oscar just chilling

Joy make up ready with Emily

Sustainable fashion has never been more popular I have been endorsing this for over 25 years. There really never has been a time more important then now for taking action in helping our global carbon footprint by encouraging sustainable fashion.

Young people around the world are working to clean up a dirty fashion industry. We are taking a stand on negative environmental effects including water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and high levels of textile waste, and poor working conditions for millions of workers.

Busy up in here

Killing it

Wadz feeling the 90s vibes

Making a statement

Strike that pose

Getting ready to shoot!


I love showing you guys how to embrace vintage fashion and not dismiss its potential.

Our motto is....

Say ‘no’ to fast fashion, say ‘yes’ to conscious style.

Our models instagram handles:


@_beingwadziie @mmcreative.now @joymatthewss @curtis_marley @_meghudsonmodel

Our photographers instagram handle:


Our videographer instagram handle:


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Nostalgic Treasures opened its doors to the public on Monday, April 24th 2017 and offers a wide variety of vintage clothing, furniture and decor in addition to 'upcycling workshops'.

We love the idea of giving our customers the opportunity to still shop at Nostalgic Treasures without even leaving the house.

This website has been designed to give you the same nostalgic experience you would expect from our store in Yate. We're doing the hard work by hand picking all the products that make it into our store, to make it easy for you to shop your style.

Hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do!